May 12, 2020 Letter to Parents from Ruby Van Meter


Ruby Van Meter Students, Families, and Caregivers,

We are starting Week 3 of Distance Learning.  Your student’s last school day is May 28th, 2020.

1. Online resources provided by the district are accessible at DMPS@Home.  This will be the homepage for all district information for distance learning.  Check it out!

2. Your student’s 3rd and final learning packet will be arriving at the beginning of the week of May 18th. This packet will be individualized based on your student’s current instructional levels.  Please contact your student’s teacher if you have any questions.

3. Virtual Classrooms using Microsoft teams will be offered this week by our Support Staff teachers. The meetings notices will come from your student’s teacher and will repeat each week.  The support staff teacher will be talking to your student about feelings.  Understanding feelings and being aware of your feelings are an important part of our Social Emotional Learning.  We will be working with your student with identifying and naming these feelings as well as asking them to share what they are feeling during the school closure and the pandemic.

4. Behavior Support Staff will be setting up individual student meetings to support families that requested behavior support from our Student and Family Survey.  This is a chance to discuss current behaviors, routines at home, new motivators, learning structures, social emotional support, and communication needs.  If you did not request support in the survey, please reach out to your student’s teacher to request a meeting time.

5. Controlled Access for Parents/Guardians to pick up personal student items.  Your student’s teacher will be contacting you to determine a pick up date. We will offer 4 days;

• Monday, May 18th from 12:00-3:00

• Tuesday, May 19th from 12:00-3:00

• Wednesday, May 21st from 12:00-2:00

• Thursday, May 22nd from 11:00-1:00

Thank you to all the families and students that joined classrooms for our second week of virtual classrooms! Related Arts staff were very excited to connect with students.   Thank you for your continued patience as we work through technology issues.  As always, the health and safety of our students, families, and communities are most important.  Please continue to follow the CDC guidelines and follow updates from the district on COVID-19.

RVM Administration,

Cindy Weisz, Jennifer Brindle-Rothman, Laurel Friedman


Hello Parents and Guardians,  

COVID-19, with all its implications, has been a test for all of us in so many ways.  With social distancing, socialization has been a significant challenge.  I would like to offer an optional opportunity for your consideration.

Beginning the week on April 27th and through May 29th, I would like to provide an optional weekly group check in through Teams with the students I serve in addition to the individual communication provided.  I miss seeing your child!

Confidentiality and your privacy remain a priority for all of us.  Given this is a group check in and only students with disabilities will be participating, your child’s participation will identify them to others on the call as a student with an IEP.  In this setting, we cannot guarantee confidentiality.

If you accept the invitation and log in during our optional small group, we will use this participation as permission from you to join our time together understanding that your child’s participation identifies them as having an IEP and that anything shared during this optional group time is not confidential.

If you need additional assistance of any kind, please contact me.
Thank you,

Your Student’s Homeroom Teacher


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