Please Complete Parent/Guardian & Student Surveys


Ruby Van Meter Students, Families, and Caregivers,

We are starting Week 5 of Distance Learning.  Your student’s last school day is May 28th, 2020.

1. Virtual Classrooms using Microsoft Teams will be offered this week by your students homeroom teacher and/or your students reading and math teachers.  There will be a reading and math focus this week. Teachers will be referencing lessons from packets so those may be helpful to have near by.

2. Parent/Guardian Survey Parent/Guardian Survey: The survey will be sent to parents/guardians of students in grades PK-11. Parents/guardians will need to enter their phone number on the first screen of the survey to be identified and make sure the survey is counted. If  a parent/guardian is unable to enter their phone number, they will be told to call the DMPS Family Call Center at 515=242-8221 for help. The phone number that needs entered will be the primary phone number for the student.  This can be found on Infinite Campus on the student summary tab. The Infinite Campus notifications for the survey will also include the phone number needed to take the survey.
3. Student Survey The survey will be sent to students in grades 5-11. Students will be asked to enter their six-digit student ID the first screen of the survey to be identified.  Their six-digit ID can be found in Infinite Campus on the student summary tab.  The student survey includes questions about possible food and housing needs. If a student indicates that he/she need assistance in either of these areas, their contact information will be emailed to the staff at the DMPS Family Call Center the morning after they fill out the survey for follow-up.

We are winding down to our last week of the 19-20 school year and looking ahead to the 20-21 school year and hope you can all take the time to complete the two surveys so the district and get this valuable feedback to create our Return to Learn Plan in the fall.

It has been a learning experience for all and your learning experiences through this are very important.  First day of school for the fall is August 26th. Seeing our students in our virtual classroom was inspiring and heart-warming.  Through all the uncertainty and changes, the students were our bright light to keep us all going.  We miss them greatly and looking forward to seeing them in the fall.

As always, the health and safety of our students, families, and communities are most important.  Please continue to follow the CDC guidelines and follow updates from the district on COVID-19.

RVM Administration,

Cindy Weisz, Jennifer Brindle-Rothman, Laurel Friedman

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