Second Semester for Virtual Students and Families

Ruby Van Meter Virtual Families:

Next Monday, January 25thmarks the start of our second semester during this pandemic. We are releasing new learning opportunities for our virtual learners across all grade levels at Ruby Van Meter.   Please see below for a summary of our increased learning for virtual students in grades Kindergarten-Transition.

100% VIRTUAL LEARNING MODEL: Students will continue to receive all instruction virtually, with the student and teacher in different locations. Methods will continue to include on-line instruction, printed instructional materials, CANVAS, phone calls, emails, text reminders, video conferencing and/or other means of communication.

Daily access to the following content areas:

  • ELA – Shared or guided reading, Whole/Small group, Individual Instruction
  • ELA – Writing, word work, Self-selected Reading
  • Math – Whole/Small group, Individual Instruction
  • Related Arts
  • Science
  • Social Science
  • Social Skills/Social Emotional Learning

Overall considerations for increasing learning opportunities:

  • Creating more opportunities for students to engage in instruction
  • Increased opportunities to use student voice (communication)
  • Provide additional access to Related Arts classes
  • Additional Literacy time to incorporate writing
  • Closing the equity gap of learning opportunities between in-person and virtual learning
  • More face to face learning (virtual)
  • Providing more opportunities to access teachers and peers
  • Increasing opportunities for differentiated learning
  • Increased opportunities to support student SEL needs
  • Provides more structure to the day.
  • Slowly adds to schedule so students are ready for a full day when we return to full in-person learning
  • High School – meets core requirements of the 4-3-3-3 core requirements for graduation

Possible accommodations

  • More individual time
  • Learning packets (provides a break from screen time)
  • Provide extended breaks at the end of instruction (10-15 min) to allow a break from screen time
  • If students struggle with returning after an instructional break, staff can provide one on one or small group interaction to keep students engaged and online.

If you have questions, please work with teachers to accommodate specific concerns.

 The Ruby Van Meter Admin Team


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