Welcome to Ruby Van Meter

It is my pleasure to welcome you to Ruby Van Meter School.  We are a secondary special school serving students from across the Des Moines metro area.  We have about 175 students, approximately ages 12-21, who have Intellectual Disabilities (ID).  While ID is the primary disability of students, many have multiple disabilities, including physical, social, and emotional or health disabilities.

Ruby Van Meter provides individualized educational programming to meet the unique needs of individual students.  The staff provides intensive instructional support to students through adaptations to the Core Curriculum.  Our school is organized into 3 different levels; Middle School (gr. 6-9), High School (gr. 10-12), and Transition (ages 19-21).  Our Related Arts level provides instruction in Home-Living, Work Experience, Swimming, Physical Education, and Music.

Our staff is committed to the success of all students.  We strive to provide students with exciting and meaningful learning opportunities.  At Ruby Van Meter, our goal is to prepare our students to be independent and successful.

We believe:

  • All students learn best when taught in the educational environment that is appropriate for them
  • The needs of all students are best met when appropriately trained staff work together to plan, deliver and evaluate educational services
  • Educational goals are best achieved when parents and staff communicate frequently and share high expectations for student learning
  • Individual student needs are best met when there is access to a wide variety of materials, technology support services, specialized instruction and social activities
  • An effective school environment is accessible, physically comfortable, safe and orderly

We are centrally located on the Callanan/Smouse/Ruby Van Meter campus in the Ingersoll area.  Please call if you have any questions about our school.


Cynthia W.