A Big ‘Thank You’ to Plymouth Church

Students and staff from Ruby Van Meter School would like to recognize and thank the staff at Plymouth Church, 4120 Ingersoll, for welcoming and supporting the students in so many ways for the past 15 years.

We are grateful for the generous assistance that Plymouth provides students during the holiday season, for providing a space for school activities, as well as welcoming the students into the building by providing work experiences.

Plymouth Church has provided church space, staff support, and funds to help with the startup and success of the Plymouth Grounds Coffee Shop.  This non-profit coffee shop is operated by Des Moines Schools’ students and Plymouth volunteers.  The purpose is to provide opportunities for special students to learn and practice employability skills.

This opportunity has been a springboard to permanent, community employment for most of these workers.  This Coffee Shop will celebrate three years of operation in January, 2015, and is a popular spot for neighbors, church members, and friends of Ruby Van Meter.

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