Record Breaking Swim Championship


Ribbons were presented to the RVM student swimmers at the Awards ceremony this week. A total of 77 blue, 60 red, 21 white and 7 yellow ribbons were presented. Trophies were also awarded to the students scoring the most number of total points in the events tin which hey participated. Jaden Neeson-Young and Tierra Firestine set pool records for the width of the pool event (the special freestyle). Jaden’s time was 7.25 (previous record was 7.81 set by Ryan Melone in 1993). Tierra’s time was 6.28 (previous record was 7.60 set by Konnor Shivers in 2015). Trophy winners were – Olivia Wild and Aaron Brinda, Transition Level, Donisha Turner and Jamarcus Hughes, High School and Colby Collins and Jayden Conklin, Middle School Level.

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